Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Unit 4: Extra Practice (FUTURE TENSES)

Make sure you know how to distinguish "will" and "be going to" (their main uses)!!!. Answers are included.
Practice 1.
Now try with these sentences online: Future Continuous/Future Perfect.
Practice 2.
-INTERESTING VIDEOS (they explain the formation and use of the FUTURE PERFECT AND FUTURE CONTINUOUS)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Beautiful IRELAND!!! Project for class!

WELLCOME BACK!!!after the Christmas Holiday and the beautiful snow from these two last days (je,je) I am going to ask you for a special project that you will have to do, of course!. I will explain it in class, don´t worry, but here you have the most important information of it!.
By the time you finish this project, you will have learnt a lot about this wonderful country and its people. There are many things to discover, you will see!!!
Check the webquest!!!